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Gotta Give ‘Em That Promo! (Part II)

As the end draws near for this class and the assignments on this blog, I’d love to look back on a post I made approximately five weeks ago about self-promo and sharing your own style on Instagram via the hashtag #stylebymick. While Instagram would be more for sharing your own personal style with me (which… Continue reading Gotta Give ‘Em That Promo! (Part II)


This Is What It Feels Like (To Be Similar)

I was going to make the title of this post another play on words in regards to one of Banks’s songs but I failed. Moving on. Fashion blogs have been prominent in the last couple of years. Acting as a source of not only a person’s personal documentation of style but serving as an inspiration… Continue reading This Is What It Feels Like (To Be Similar)

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Gotta Give ‘Em That Promo!

Today’s post is brought to you by Instagram and the act of shameless plugging! On a more serious note, creating the blog for class has made me recognize how good it feels when people give you positive feedback on something you’ve worked hard on and put online. Also, for the last couple of weeks (and… Continue reading Gotta Give ‘Em That Promo!

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Freedom to Post: An Autumn Lookbook + Playlist

For once, this is not an assignment post (!!!!!). Well, technically this free post is most definitely an assignment but we get to post whatever we want so if anything, this does not feel like an assignment whatsoever. Since this blog is supposed to be a personal style blog, I decided to do a quick… Continue reading Freedom to Post: An Autumn Lookbook + Playlist